Edeb Erkan (EE) journal is an international, scientific, and peer-reviewed journal. It was established in 2022 and continues to publish articles biannually (May-November). Edeb Erkan is an academic platform for studies on Turkistan, Khorasan, Azerbaijan, Rum, and Rumeli Marifeti. In this context, it contributes to the understanding of topics such as Fütüvvet, Melamet, Kalenderlik, Yesevilik, Bekta?ilik, K?z?lba?l?k, and Sufism, and publishes qualified and original academic articles that will encourage new scientific developments and research in this field. The journal is limited to the areas of study and research in Social Sciences, particularly Cultural Studies, including Architecture, Art, Classics, Ethnic Studies, Family Studies, History, History and Philosophy of Science, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Psychology and Sociology, as an open platform. Abstracting & Indexing: EBSCO, EBSCO - CEEAS and other databases.

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